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By: - Published: April 29 Fri, 2022

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In 2015, Pope Francis said that “the journey of synodality is the journey that God wants from his church in the third millennium. A synodal church is a listening church, aware that listening is more than hearing. It is a reciprocal listening in which each one has something to learn.”

It is for this reason, in other words, to make our Church a “listening Church”, that we created the SynodApp. With it, you can record yourself and talk about the Church of your dreams. What do you think of the Church today? What could be improved and how? What are your general thoughts about what’s been done and what should be done? Anything you want to say… feel free to say it!

If needed, examples of testimonies can be found here (in Arabic, French or English).

Once your message is recorded, you will be able to save it into the app, as well as provide information about yourself (or remain anonymous, if you prefer). All the saved videos will then be reviewed by a Synod committee, who will select a few to be shared with the Pope himself!