"Faith and Scripture: Challenges and Responses", a book by Fr. Yacub Saadeh and Fr. Peter Madros

Published: August 07 Wed, 2019

JERUSALEM – With “Faith and Scripture: Challenges and Responses“, the authors Fr. Yacub Saadeh and Fr. Peter Madros, of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, address questions, objections and points of controversy that may arise concerning the Holy Scripture. They also hope that the book will not only be used for enriching the reader’s knowledge, but also as a reference for research and studying, with people and in educational institutions.

Originally, the book appeared firstly in Arabic in 1989 under the name “Al-Jawab min al-Kitab” (the answer from the Bible). The English translation “Faith and Scripture: Challenges and Responses” is now available on Amazon.