Feast day at Abbey of St. Mary of the Resurrection in Abu Gosh​​​​​​​, Sr. Eve-Marie professes vows

By: Florence Budry/lpj.org - Published: December 03 Fri, 2021

Feast day at Abbey of St. Mary of the Resurrection in Abu Gosh​​​​​​​, Sr. Eve-Marie professes vows Available in the following languages:

ABU GOSH - On Thursday, December 2, 2021, on the solemnity of the dedication of the Church of Saint Mary of the Resurrection in Abu Gosh, Sister Eve-Marie Giraud professed her vows.

Living for 3 years within the community of the Olivetan Benedictine nuns, oblates of the monastery of St. Françoise Romaine, Sr. Eve-Marie professed her simple vows, promising obedience and signing the charter on the altar of the Eucharistic sacrifice, facing her Sisters and Brothers of the Abbey of St. Mary of the Resurrection of Abu Gosh, in front of an assembly made up of friends and religious who came especially.

Sweetness, harmony, fraternity, the nuns and monks of Abu Gosh, surrounded Sr. Eve-Marie with an emotional joy in this atmosphere proper to mixed communities. Br. Louis-Marie, the Superior, in his homily compared the entry into the monastic life with the Gospel that Br. Olivier sung a few moments earlier: the encounter between Jesus and Zacchaeus: God seeking for Man, Man seeking for an answer, from this encounter, the heart of Man becomes forever the dwelling of the Lord.

This commitment to "remain", to be "stable", "at the service of the community for the love of Christ", contrary to the agitated mores of our time, seemed even more radical in the absence of anything that might have reminded one of a life "before". Indeed, since the pandemic, many religious of foreign origin have had to take vows or be ordained without the presence of their family and friends. Prayer and modern means of communication compensate a little for these absences, but the gift that each of them makes to the Church on this day seems all the greater.

Sister Blandine Bévillard, who pronounced her vows of admission to the rasaphorat (Byzantine rite) on November 1 at the Monastery of the Benedictine Sisters of Emmanuel in Bethlehem, during the feast of Sts. Como and Damien, also in the absence of her family, was among the many religious from other communities who came to fraternally surround Sr. Eve-Marie on this very important day.