Installation of Fr. Salam Haddad as parish priest in Aboud

Published: July 25 Wed, 2018

Installation of Fr. Salam Haddad as parish priest in Aboud Available in the following languages:

PALESTINE/ ABOUD – Only two years after his ordination, Salam Haddad, a young priest of the Latin Patriarchate was installed in the Latin parish of Aboud. During a solemn Mass, he was introduced to his new parish by Bishop Boulos Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine.

Fr. Salam Haddad comes from the land of Gilead, the mountains which range along the Jordan River on the East Bank, which is also the birthplace of Prophet Elijah. His family is now living in Amman, where he was ordained priest on June, 23, 2016. He then served two years as Vicar in Our Lady of Grace in Fuheis, Jordan.

During his installation mass, Bishop Marcuzzo gave him two objects: a stole, the symbol of the pastoral responsibility that he has been entrusted, and the key of the tabernacle which symbolizes the grace of giving the sacraments and especially celebrating the Eucharist.

He is now continuing his apostolic mission in Aboud, a village well-known for its ancient churches, one of which is decorated with an inscription in Aramaic, dating back to the 5th century A.D. These closeness and solidarity between the various Christian rites still goes on. Morevoer, the orthodox priest, Fr. Emmanuel Shahin and his faithful came to greet the new Latin priest alongside his new parishioners. As a sign of the universality of Church, pilgrims from Bergamo, Italy, attended the Mass, for they had chosen to visit not only the holy places but also the living Christian communities in Palestine.

Vinciane J.