Instructions for the Sunday of the Word of God

By: Fr. Sandro - Published: January 08 Sat, 2022

Instructions for the Sunday of the Word of God Available in the following languages:

In his letter of January 1, 2022, published on the Patriarchate's website, Mgr Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, proposed to the parishes, different communities and individual faithful of the Diocese of Jerusalem the integral reading of the New Testament for January 23, the Sunday dedicated by Pope Francis to the "Word of God" (Motu proprio Aperuit illis).

As the Patriarch wrote, we are all invited to participate according to our community and personal possibilities.

The priests of the parishes, the leaders of the different communities present in our Church, and the individuals to whom this email is addressed will be able to encourage everyone to participate, by announcing this initiative to the faithful in the masses of the coming Sundays, and on the various community occasions, and by the means available to each, for instance by proposing moments of community readings, etc.

A certain liturgical framework can contribute to the beauty of this moment: for example, by including the reading of the New Testament in the usual moments of community prayer (adoration of the Blessed Sacrament...) or by setting up a special moment for this purpose (a vigil for young people on Saturday afternoon or evening...). Or, in families, by reading some texts together with children. We can also emphasize this moment with a few signs: placing the New Testament book in an appropriate place, beginning and ending with a prayer, with a moment of silence after the reading or with some singing... These are just a few suggestions to underline the importance we wish to give to this moment; each of us can find others as well.

In order to allow everyone to participate in an organic way in the initiative, we propose on the attached page "NT sections", a division of the New Testament into short sections (the different sections are composed of about 3 chapters), so that each person can identify the section or sections he or she is committed to reading. Keep in mind that on average, reading a chapter of the New Testament takes about 7 minutes.

To make sure that the New Testament is read in its entirety, we invite you to indicate by Friday 21 your participation and the sections you have chosen by writing to this email address: [email protected]


Fr. Sandro

Ain Arik