Islamic University of Gaza students on Solar system educational visit at Latin Patriarchate School

Published: April 02 Tue, 2019

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GAZA – On March 22, 2019, a group of 15 engineering students and their professors from the Islamic University of Gaza visited the Latin Patriarchate School at the Holy Family Parish to learn about the photovoltaic solar system installed on its premises.

The university contingent was received by Mr. Jacky Kattan, technical advisor engineer of the Latin Patriarchate in Gaza, and Eng. Mr. Abdallah Abu Zor from the Atalla Electrical Company that installed the solar system at the Patriarchate school.

The students were given an educational tour to the different parts of the photovoltaic project installed on the roof of the Patriarchate kindergarten. Throughout the visit, Mr. Kattan and Mr. Abu Zor introduced the students to the components of the system, its functions and the positive impact it had made on the life and daily activities of the priest, sisters and the school children.

“Not only am I very glad to see that this project is benefiting the students and the university, but also to see a Christian-Muslim cooperation take place,” said Mr. Kattan.

For over a decade, Gaza has been suffering from power cuts that reach up to 20 hours a day. Since 2015, the Latin Patriarchate parish in Gaza has been working to face this crisis by installing a photovoltaic solar system in its Al-Zaitoun Latin Convent, becoming the first institution to tie the solar system to the power company’s electrical grid in the Gaza Strip. It is also the only one that gives its surplus of solar energy to the surrounding area. Today, the Latin Patriarchate has two photovoltaic systems installed at its parish in Gaza; one at Al-Zaitoun Latin Convent and the other at the Holy Family School.

Three days after the visit on Monday evening, March 25, the Holy Family School was hit by flying rocks and shrapnel as a result of an Israeli military forces strike that targeted Hamas posts in Gaza in response to the firing of rockets from Rafah in the morning of the same day. Four solar panels were damaged on the roof and several classroom windows were broken. On Tuesday, March 26, classes had to be suspended.

Saher Kawas

Islamic University of Gaza contingent



Damages to the photovoltaic system