Jordan: Distance learning during COVID- 19 pandemic

By: Rev. Fr. Imad Twal - Published: July 24 Fri, 2020

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In the midst of a global crisis that swept the world and ceased public life in most of its tracks and with the continued development of the educational environment and the adoption of recent technologies, the search for innovative solutions that enabled schools to endure in the educational learning process in a relatively short period is an urgent necessity, and that the "distance learning" strategy is considered A supportive alternative to providing a flexible work environment, and a safe environment to ensure the strength of students and their teachers alike in the face of the Corona pandemic, it was the alternative that the Ministry of Education has already adopted.

In this article, we will discuss some optimistic reviews and observations that affect the quality of "Distance learning":

  • This change in the educational process and the transition from traditional and didactic teaching "distance education" with its positive and weakness,  is a qualitative shift in our schools, and an incentive to open horizons and turn challenges into new opportunities in the mechanism of future education. TV channels have been repurposed to provide learning contents
  • We touched a real commitment by school principals, educators and students in their endeavor to ensure the permanence and continuity of education, so they intensified efforts day and night and were able to continue their educational journey with all excellence and creativity.
  • We have noticed an increase in awareness and the level of self-responsibility of some students and confidence in interacting with the "distance education" process, thus revealing many of the skills and abilities they possess.
  • Parents' participation has always been necessary in the student learning and success process, but with the "distance education" strategy this participation has taken on a completely new meaning as we have noted a clear effort and assumption of more responsibility by many parents in following up on their children's study and communicating with teachers to search for The best way to guide and support them.
  • The close cooperation between the Ministry of Education and telecommunications companies, so that these companies allowed free browsing through their networks of the "Your Lesson, Darsak in Arabic" platform for K-12 students, in addition to working to provide a better quality internet in support of the "distance learning" system. Existing online educational platforms to all teachers to remotely deliver lessons have been promoted. Using tools to communicate with parents and keep them updated with their children’s program. Indeed, it’s a transforming education challenges into opportunities during COVID-19 crisis.

With this positive measurement of some observations that reflect the spirit of creativity in the "distance learning" process, I would like to underline some comments (hopeful that I am mistaken in my vision and information):

  • We have noticed on many platforms and even through broadcasting televised classes that the focus was on basic educational subjects while this stage lacked a meeting between the supervisors, counseling.. , students and their parents, a meeting aimed at spreading awareness in order to acquire new life skills that prepare them to deal with this experience, such as how to managing time, dealing with family and brothers, listening, dialogue, cooperation, problem solving, getting out of the comfort zone and perhaps above all the ability to cope with any unexpected challenge. So where are we from the student's intellectual and creative integration and where are we also of interest in pursuing vocational education, art education and activities that stimulate students' innovative capabilities?
  • Many questions raised up among teachers about the reduction of salaries next months, while they are still continuing their journey in distance education and are production a lot of effort and time to help students, and here it is necessary to analyze the reality with credibility, and offer bold and sincere initiatives.
  • Many parents played the main supporter role in continuing the educational process in all integrity and credibility and in creating an appropriate study environment for their children, but unfortunately, a few others were not. All the circumstances to be a good example for their children, constantly urging them to grow in commitment, honesty and trustworthiness, so it will not be easy to control these negative behaviors or to assess the student fairly, and here comes the role of the teacher and the manager to evaluate the results in the light of previous tests. Add to that the importance of the role of educational counseling in educating parents to avoid slipping in this weakness.

Finally, I remind you that we need to move beyond banking schools, Didactic and outdated education, distance education is one of the highest transformations in modern history, and the Corona crisis is an opportunity to move to an interactive and participating education, and transfer it from the teaching of the mind and memorization, to learning the mind and the heart, and turning the challenge into an opportunity And find new mechanisms to motivate students to constructive criticism, thinking, creativity and invention, and research through working groups, to build a community, for a better life and a stronger exit from this experience. "Education is to show others what they are capable of, and learning is to make this possible," says Paulo Coelho.