Jordan: Latin Patriarchate School of Madaba takes first place in “Tawjihi” exams 

By: Layal Hazboun/ - Published: August 23 Mon, 2021

Jordan: Latin Patriarchate School of Madaba takes first place in “Tawjihi” exams  Available in the following languages:

JORDAN - On Monday, August 16, 2021, the Jordanian Ministry of Education announced the results of the general secondary examinations - also known as “Tawjihi” exams - for the academic year 2020/2021. 

Dr. Muhammad Abu Qadis, Minister of Education in Jordan, revealed that 185806 students sat for the Tawjihi exams across Jordan, of whom 113 thousand students have succeeded, achieving a success rate of 60%. This year, the success rate in the scientific stream reached 65.5%, while it reached 50.5% in the humanities stream. The highest average for the scientific stream was 99.75%, compared to 99.45% for the humanities stream. Among the top 37 students in Jordan, females constituted 59.5% of them.

The Latin Patriarchate school in Jubeiha achieved a success rate of 100% this year, whereas the Latin Patriarchate School for Girls in Madaba and the Latin Patriarchate Secondary School in Fuheis achieved a success rate of 100% in the scientific stream. It was the boys' school of the Latin Patriarchate of Madaba that had the student with the highest grade point average (99.75), thus becoming the first school in Jordan. 

On Saturday, August 21, the General Latin Patriarchate School Administration honored the student Ahmad Fayez Al-Ajaleen from the Latin Patriarchate School for Boys in Madaba, who had ranked first in the scientific stream in Jordan. This came during the visit of Fr. Wisam Mansour, Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Jordan, to the Al-Ajaleen family, accompanied by Fr. Firas Nasrawin, parish priest of Madaba, vicars, Mr. Firas Shweihat, Director of the Latin Patriarchate School for Boys in Madaba, as well as a number of members of the school’s educational staff. 

Fr. Wisam congratulated the student and his family on the brilliant success he achieved in this year’s Tawjihi exams, “which indicates the effective cooperation between the student, the family, and the school”, wishing him continued excellence and success in his future educational life. 

Fr. Wisam also presented a congratulatory letter sent by Patriarch Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, on this occasion. In his letter, Patriarch Pizzaballa wrote: “We offer you and your family all our heartfelt congratulations on the achievement and great success in Jordan’s general secondary exams, and for taking the first place with an average of 99.75%. This success is a sign of what the family and the school have done for you and of your commendable commitment to achieve these results”. 

In a letter to Mr. Firas Shweihat, the Latin Patriarch said: “The success of Ahmed Fayez Al-Ajaleen and his taking the first place is an achievement for all Latin Patriarchate Schools in this difficult period that Jordan and the whole world are going through as a result of the Coronavirus, as this success and excellence give us hope to continue and work for the future of our youth in this country. May the Almighty God bless you and grant you everything to serve the Church and the country”.