Jordan: three new priests for the Diocese of Jerusalem

By: Layal Hazboun/ - Published: August 15 Sun, 2021

Jordan: three new priests for the Diocese of Jerusalem Available in the following languages:

JORDAN - On Thursday, August 12, 2021, the Latin Patriarchate celebrated the priestly ordinations of Deacon Ramez Twal from St. John the Baptist’s parish in Madaba, Deacon Wajdi Sahawneh from St. Joseph’s parish in Mafraq, and Deacon Louis Salman from the parish of the Sacred Heart in Tla’a Al-Ali, in the Church of the Good Shepherd in Amman, after having completed their studies at the Latin Patriarchal Seminary in Beit Jala. 

Patriarch Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, presided over the ordinations. H.E. Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch Emeritus, concelebrated the Mass, along with Bishop Ilario Antoniazzi, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tunis; Bishop William Shomali, Latin Patriarchal Vicar of Amman; Bishop Boulos Marcuzzo, and Bishop Salim Sayegh.

Concelebrating were also Fr. Bernard Poggi, new Rector of the Latin Patriarchal Seminary of Beit Jala; Fr. Francis Shahin, godfather of Deacon Wajdi, Fr. Jihad Shweihat, godfather of Deacon Ramez, and Fr. Bashar Fawadleh, godfather of Deacon Louis, in the presence of several priests and deacons, Religious Men and Women, as well as the families of the new priests, and the faithful. 

In his homily, Patriarch Pizzaballa spoke of Christ’s dialogue with St. Peter (John 21: 15-19), the Saint who denied Christ and left him in the hands of those who led him to His death, yet God chose him as his servant and the shepherd of his sheep, “the first thing we are told today is that every disciple - and therefore you too - like Peter is a man not fully capable of love and very fragile, yet he was still chosen”.

The Patriarch addressed the new priests, saying: “Do not think you are better than others. God did not choose Peter and the disciples because they are better than others. What matters is not the perfection of your life, but rather your love. In your lives, you will make a lot of mistakes, but what remains is the love that you have in your hearts for Jesus. Jesus forgives, but to forgive is not to forget. Therefore, the most important aspect of your life and ministry is forgiveness. You have to become heralds of the forgiveness of God”.

On August 13, 14, and 15, the newly ordained priests, Fr. Wajdi Sahawneh, Fr. Ramez Twal, and Fr. Louis Salman presided over their first Holy Masses in their own parishes, Mafraq, Madaba, and Tla’a Al-Ali, respectively.