Meeting about the altar service of the diocese

By: - Published: May 03 Tue, 2022

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BEIT JALA - On May 2nd, 2022, the liturgical office of the Latin Patriarchate, presided by Fr. Aziz Halaweh, held a meeting at the seminary of Beit Jala about altar servers, with thirty-five priests, seminarians and Rosary sisters of the parishes in Palestine and Israel.

The meeting focused on the following points:

  • the reality of altar service and servers in the parishes
  • what goals are to be achieved
  • the role of priests, sisters and seminarians.

During the meeting, Fr. Aziz also presented to the participants the two books recently published by the liturgical office (one for altar servers and one for their tutors), and explained how to use them in order to raise the quality of the altar service and the liturgy of the diocese.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to establish a general committee to organize and coordinate the activities of altar servers in all the diocese.