Notre Dame de Jerusalem hosts Christmas Concert "Angels of Mary"

By: Florence Budry/ - Published: December 15 Wed, 2021

Notre Dame de Jerusalem hosts Christmas Concert "Angels of Mary" Available in the following languages:

JERUSALEM - On Saturday, December 10, the Notre Dame Centre, opposite the New Gate in Jerusalem, hosted the Christmas concert of the "Angels of Mary", organized by the Mariam Foundation, which, in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, supports cancer patients and their families financially, socially and psychologically, without any ethnic or religious consideration.

The foundation was established in 2012 by Hamada Hamed, when he was only 22 years old, in honor of a young girl called Mariam from Nazareth. She was not the one we all know, but Hamada's sister, a Muslim girl, who died of cancer at a very young age, also due to lack of medical and social solidarity, when himself was 12 years old.

Today, the Mariam Foundation is not only active in Nazareth and Galilee, but also in the West Bank, Jerusalem and even Gaza. In addition to the possibility of financial support that guarantees the continuity of care, the foundation provides families and patients with a network of volunteers to help them through the periods of hospitalization, which are sometimes experienced in isolation.

Prevention activities, carried out throughout the country, also promote the importance of screening for early diagnosis and the hope that new treatments can bring to patients.

Organized each year in Nazareth and also in different cities, this concert, broadcast live on various media, is a message of universal compassion and hope that the organizers wish to share on the occasion of Christmas. The benefit concert was already held in Bethlehem last week and will also take place at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth on Sunday, December 19.

Presented by the renowned Ruba Warwar, the classical Christmas repertoire was performed by the 55-member Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Nizar Al Khater, with soloists Nour Darwish, Maria Jubran, Mervat Ashqar and Rev. Fouad Dagher, Anglican minister of Shefaamer, reflecting the multi-faith and multi-ethnic nature of this action in favor of cancer patients.

Mr. Hamada Hamed, but also Fr. David Steffy, Director of the Notre Dame Centre, Archbishop Hanna Attalah, of the Greek Orthodox Church, took turns to speak, as well as the Director of the Augusta Victoria Hospital (Jerusalem), Mr. Waleed Nammour, who received a "Mariam Award" for the magnificent work he has done with patients, especially in the West Bank and Gaza, in partnership with the Foundation.

Bishop Boulos Marcuzzo, Latin Patriarchal Vicar Emeritus, also spoke, encouraging the audience to support the Mariam Foundation, which he knows very well, as he witnessed its birth when he was bishop in Nazareth. He exhorted the participants by paraphrasing the strong words of Pope Francis during his recent pastoral visit to Cyprus and Greece: "We are in the historical countries of the culture of Humanity. The culture we should be proud of is the one that helps us to have compassion and fraternal solidarity for all those in need."