Prayer for World Day of the Consecrated Life 2021

By: Fr. Marco Riva (Servants of Charity Congregation - Opera Don Guanella), ecclesiastic adviser of USRTS - Published: February 01 Mon, 2021

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Prayer for World Day Consecrated Life

February 2nd, 2021

We will celebrate on February 2 the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus to the Temple. This feast is an eloquent icon of the total self-giving of those women and men, who, obedient to the Father’s call and to the prompting of the Spirit, have been called to reproduce in the Church and in the world, by the profession of the evangelical counsels, the characteristic features of Jesus chaste, poor and obedient “ (V.C. 1).

In communion with the whole Church we want to praise and thank the Lord for the great gift of Consecrated Life, a gift that enriches the Christian Community with its multiplicity of charisms and pray for the consecrated people.

Let us pray together the prayer to the Holy Trinity with which the Exhortation “Vita Consacrata” ends: n. 111.

“Most Holy Trinity, blessed and the source of all blessedness, bless your sons and daughters whom you have called to praise the greatness of your love.

Father Most Holy, sanctify the sons and daughters who have consecrated themselves to you, for the Glory of your name and accompany them with your Power. 

Jesus our Saviour, continue to draw to yourself men and women who will be, for the people of our time, dispensers of mercy, heralds of your return, living signs of the Resurrection.

Holy Spirit, perennial Source of life, we pray to you for all consecrated persons. Fill their hearts with the deep certainty of having been chosen to love, to praise and to serve. Enable them to savour your friendship, fill them with your joy and consolation, help them to overcome moments of difficulty and to rise up again with trust after they have fallen; make them mirrors of the divine beauty. Give them the courage to face the challenges of our time and the grace to bring to all mankind the goodness and loving kindness of our Saviour Jesus Christ “.