Prayer of Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem for oppressed and suffering

HOLY LAND - Please find below the prayer prepared this week by the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem, and of the Assumption of the Virgin, and of Saint Bruno, in which they pray for the oppressed and suffering.

Let's pray:

"Blessed are you, Abba, Father, for your beloved Son, who fell to the ground like a grain of wheat from which are born the ears and sheaves in abundance. In your great compassion, deign to look upon our Brothers and Sisters who, as His followers are trampled, crushed and buried in the ground in their dignity; for those who suffer greatly in their body and in their soul and for those who are on their ultimate journey towards You.

Send your Holy Spirit without measure upon them, so that, associated to Jesus in His Passion and Resurrection, their suffering would be received as a sacrifice of love for Your Glory and the Salvation of the World."

The Religious Families of the Holy Land, in collaboration with the Pastoral Office of the Latin Patriarchate, share a weekly prayer with the faithful that tackles a pertinent theme. The intention can be included in the prayer of the faithful (also in Vespers or Lauds).