Ramadan 2016: Greetings from the Latin Patriarchate

Published: June 07 Tue, 2016


COMMUNIQUE – At the start of Ramadan, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem with the clergy and faithful, send greetings and best wishes to the Muslims during this month of fasting and prayer.

In a Middle East beset by violence, we ask God to help every person to respect one other, to pray and be courageous that hatred and injustice will have no force of law in our region,  the cradle of civilizations.

Our thoughts are with Syria, a country devastated by many years of conflict, to the Iraqi war, to Egypt striving to recover from a difficult political transition, to Jordan or Lebanon destabilized by the daily influx of refugees, and to the Holy Land where ongoing violence continue to raise fears of a worsening conflict. We support all political, humanitarian and religious initiatives to silence the weapons of war and bring about peace to the Middle East.

Our best wishes for peace