Spiritual retreat for Catholic school employees in Jericho

By: LPJ Catechetical Office - Published: March 08 Tue, 2022

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JERICHO - On Friday, March 4, the Catechetical Office of the Latin Patriarchate invited all Christian employees working in Christian Catholic schools to participate in a spiritual retreat in preparation for Lent.

The meeting was held at the Terra Santa School in Jericho. There were approximately 200 employees, all coming from schools of Terra Santa, the Latin Patriarchate, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Nablus, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Bethlehem, the Rosary Sisters, the Franciscan Sisters, the Salesian Sisters and the Brothers of Bethlehem, as well as the Ephpheta Paul VI School, the Anglican School of Hebron, the Colegio del Pilar of Jerusalem and the Greek Catholic School of Ramallah. Father Firas Abedrabbo, parish priest of Ain Arik, as well as several religious sisters - including the Rosary Sisters, the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Franciscan Sisters and the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary - also participated in this retreat.

During the day, Father Johny Bahbah, parish priest of Jifna, led a theological discussion on the importance of the forty days of Lent, while Father Louis Salman organized an activity around the role that prayer and the Bible should play in our daily lives. A Mass was then celebrated by Father Mario Hadchiti, parish priest of Jericho, dedicated to all those who work in schools. The retreat ended with a visit to the Russian Museum and the Coptic Orthodox Convent, where the house of Zacchaeus is located.

The Catechetical Office of the Latin Patriarchate would like to thank all the schools that participated in this event, as well as the Terra Santa School of Jericho, Father Mario Hadchiti, Mr. Rami Al-Majrouh and Mr. Anton Bulos, without whom this spiritual retreat would not have been possible.