The beginning of school in Palestine - 2022

By: - Published: August 29 Mon, 2022

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PALESTINE - On August 22nd, 2022, about 5 800 students went to the schools of the Latin Patriarchate to begin the new academic year (2022-2023), which includes all stages from kindergarten to the Tawjihi grade.

Preparations for the new school year began at the beginning of last July, as three new principals were appointed: the first for in Jifna, the second in Ain Arik and the third in Jenin (kindergarten). 30 vacancies were filled as well, for both teachers and employees, and numerous workshops were organized, for all the teachers of the LPJ schools.

It is worth noting that the General Administration of the schools held a meeting at the beginning of August with the schools' administrative staff and deputies, to develop appropriate plans, methods and procedures for the new school year.

The schools welcomed the students with various activities and events, including, for some of them, a Holy Mass, to ask God Almighty to bestow upon us His blessings.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine, Fr. Yacoub Rafidi, gave a speech for all teachers, students, and parents, showing determination to reach excellence and develop the creativity we aspire to during this year.

As usual, the Latin Patriarchate schools chose a yearly slogan inspired by their overall values and message: "My school is an icon of honor and affiliation". This slogan reinforces the vision of the LPJ schools, which put students at the center of their educational process, and teachers as pillars contributing to their success. They also seek to work with parents and guardians as in a true partnership, to preserve the message of the Patriarchate and to form generations who believe in their principles and homeland.

Let us not forget the changing of the school uniform, as decided by the schools; in order to have more comfortable, high-quality clothes, accessible to all students, and which contribute to their psychological and physical comfort.

 Finally, we hope this year to be a good one, full of successes and fruitful achievements.

 Executive Director - LPJ Schools in Palestine

 Abeer Hanna