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KARAK – On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Bishop Maroun Lahham presented the latest book about Christians in the cities of Karak and Ader. The book is part of a collection dedicated to the Christian history of parishes of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Parish priests Fr. Samer, Fr. Fares and Fr. Ibrahim of Ader, Karak and Smakieh, as well as their parishioners attended the presentation in the Wassieh school hall in Ader.

The work, which is the Arabic translation of the writings of Fr. Pierre Medebielle, a French priest of the Betharramite Fathers who served in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem as a historian. Father Medebielle passed away in 2005.

Karak’s Christian history was particularly marked by the forced emigration of Christian families to the historic city of Madaba. This was because of a serious dispute between the Christian and Muslim tribes. At the root of the conflict was the kidnapping of a Christian woman by a young Muslim in 1879.

The purpose of these booklets, as well as preserving the memory of past generations that have succeeded in Jordan, while retaining the faith they have received, is to allow younger generations to rediscover their history. It is therefore a long-term pastoral work.

Copies of these volumes are distributed in the parishes of Palestine, Galilee and Jordan, as well as in religious communities and for two Jordanian dinars(ten Israeli shekels). Bishop Lahham has scheduled other presentations of these works in many parishes of the Patriarchate.

Remy Brun

Books already published:

History of the parish of Taybeh;

History of the parish of Ma’in;

History of the parish of Salt;

History of the parish of Zababdeh;

History of the parish of Smakieh;

History of the parish of Naour;

History of the parish of Beit Jala;

History of the parish of Gaza;

History of the parishes of Karak and Ader;

History of the parish of Madaba.

Upcoming books:

History of the parish of Jaffa of Nazareth;

History of the parish of Fuheis;

History of the parish of Beit Sahour.


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