Within the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Project Development Office (PDO) is the department responsible for identifying the main needs of the Latin Patriarchate parishes, schools and all benefiting institutions, by working closely with the local priests and head of institutions. It addresses potential projects and develops innovative solutions in four main categories: Pastoral, Infrastructure, Education, and Humanitarian. The work of the PDO includes developing a plan for each project, coordinating onsite inspections with local teams to foresee change, and drawing-up project proposals, which contain a summary of the interventions, financial studies, and a study of the impact on the benefiting community. The primary purpose of the office is to raise funds and identify potential areas of growth; follow-up project implementation when grants are provided; and provide regular financial and narrative reports to the donors. The office is also engaged in sustainable relationship building with all donors and partners, through transparent, professional and objective communication, to maintain long-term connections and support the continuity of the LPJ biblical mission in serving its communities in the Holy Land.


George Akroush Henriette Farah Siba Khoury
Director Projects Officer Project Coordinator



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George Akroush Director  ----- -----
Henriette Farah Projects Officer ----- -----
Nandy Nicodeme Reporting Officer ----- -----
Siba Khoury Project Coordinator ----- -----