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The Latin Patriarchate has had for many years a dedicated office in charge of running and coordinating the projects for the Church in the Holy Land.  In the years 80’s and 90’s, it changed names and administrative locations.  From outside the LPJ building, as in Beit Jala and Bethlehem, to a couple of locations inside the headquarter premises. In 2012, the fundraising unit was located where the actual HR offices are. And in 2014, the office was reduced to a small room, within the General Administration, with one dedicated fundraising employee.

The Project Department of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem was re-designed at the end of 2014, and renamed Project Development Office (PDO). Some changes were adopted in order to better serve both, the internal and external demands and needs of the Institution and partners alike.

The main objectives of the Project Development Office are:


To diagnose the main needs in each parish, by working closely with the local priest in order to understand their necessities and address potential projects and innovative solutions.

To team up with the LPJ engineering and finance staff, to develop a plan for each project and coordinate onsite inspections to foresee technical solutions and elaborate a feasibility study according to the requested project.

To draw up proposals, containing a summary of the interventions, financial studies and impact and benefit to the community.


To communicate and present the project proposals to the institutional partners, donors and supporters, so that they may have easy access to a concept paper, containing a summary of the appeal.

To follow up after a donation is granted, with regular reports to the donors, so they may follow the progress of their contribution.

Relationship building with our donors and partners, through transparent, professional and objective communication regarding the projects.