New elevator installed at Latin Patriarchal Seminary in Beit Jala

Published: April 21 Sat, 2018

BEIT JALA – With the generous donation of the L’Œuvre d’Orient and the parishioners of the Beit Jala parish, the Latin Patriarchal Seminary had installed a new elevator in its compound, replacing an old one that was built in more than 70 years ago.

After a long series of breakdowns, people getting stuck for hours and the potential danger of the old elevator, the new Schindler elevator has already improved and simplified the lives of priests, seminarians and staff at the seminary. The new device has reduced the effort needed to perform strenuous activities such as carrying equipment, grocery and laundry, when taking the stairs. It has also reduced the time to move between floors.  

Moreover, the project included building three areas adjacent to the elevator space at the roof level; a small shaded room to protect people from the sun and the rain, a storing room for laundry and equipment as well as a WC unit for staff and workers.