New floor for the parish building of Ein Arik

Published: June 05 Tue, 2018

New floor for the parish building of Ein Arik Available in the following languages:

EIN ARIK – Model of coexistence between Muslims and Christians, Ein Arik is a small village in Palestine located northwest of Jerusalem. To accommodate the various parish activities in the best possible conditions, German Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher have funded the creation of a new floor of the parish building. Thus, at the end of the work, scouts, organizations and ecclesiastical communities can easily meet to carry out their projects.

Ein Arik is a village north-west of Jerusalem, a few kilometers from Ramallah. Possessing the highest minaret in all of Palestine and two churches, the village is a model of tranquility and pacifism between the Muslim majority and the Christian communities who live there, despite high unemployment. In this context, the children of these two great religions meet at the Patriarchate School, founded in 1858, and grow together. It is in this school and in the parish building that the majority of the social and cultural life of Ein-Arik takes place.

Designed on two levels, the parish building of Ein Arik lacks space and rooms to properly accommodate all activities related to the parish. The ground floor is intended for kindergarten. The first floor consists of a multipurpose hall hosting various ceremonies and events of the school and kindergarten such as graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, etc.

With the priest of Ein-Arik, the Latin Patriarchate examined the needs of the parish. Scouts, Catholic organizations such as the Legion of Mary and ecclesiastical communities have no space, rooms dedicated to them. Following this, and thanks to the donations of German Knights of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, a second floor is about to be completed. It will consist mainly of a center, divided into three rooms, which will provide sufficient resources for all activities related to the parish, an appropriate venue for gatherings of young people of all ages and all Catholic organizations and a local exclusively reserved for Scouts so that they can meet there, train there, and prepare their main events there. The upper floor will also house a storage room for scout chairs, tables and equipment, a terrace and balcony for outdoor activities in summer, a service kitchen for the building and toilets.

In all, more than one hundred square meters were set up by the Latin Patriarchate’s engineering department to serve and enrich the lives of the parishioners of Ein Arik and its communities by offering them a meeting place and weekly activities.

Vivien Laguette