GA 276/21 Rehabilitation Works for Ader Latin School

GA 276/21 Rehabilitation Works for Ader Latin School
Project code:
GA 276/21
USD 9,926
Project Status:
Jordan, Ader

Ader suffers from a high rate of internal migration with mostly youth who migrate to the capital or abroad to find better opportunities. The village has about 120 Christian families in addition to around 30 families living in the near villages. The families come from a low to middle socio-economic status. The school in Ader serves students from KG1 to fourth grade. The school in Ader is not big but its impact on the Christian and non-Christian community in the area is huge. It teaches Christian education and spreads Christian values among the students and surrounding community. The school building is very old and need some rehabilitation especially in the basement which is currently in a very bad condition and full of humidity. Additionally, the foundation of the school needs enforcement works and urgent rehabilitation. Investment in such school buildings has a great impact on society since keeping the school operating in such marginalized areas prevents immigration, moving to governmental schools or conversion to other religions.