GA 269/21 Purchasing Smart Boards for Several LP Schools Palestine

GA 269/21  Purchasing Smart Boards for Several LP Schools Palestine
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GA 269/21
USD 50,000
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The world is constantly changing in all ways we function at home, work and schools. The speed at which technology has developed plays a major role in these changes. Tech¬nology is very crucial in the twenty-first century education and computers are influential in our lives and can enhance the learning process in schools in various ways. With the in¬creasing popularity of IT technology, especially after the spread of Covid-19 and the shift to online and blended learning education, it is essential for the LPJ schools to support and encourage technology in the educa¬tion systems to cope with the changing situations. Smart projectors and computer technologies in schools offer students greater access to information, an eager motivation to learn, an enhanced quality of class work and easy acceptance to universities and job interviews. Recently, smart projectors in the classrooms are serving as the center for teaching different subjects across the cur¬riculum. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is planning to provide smart projectors for several classrooms of selective Latin Patriarchate schools in Jordan and Palestine based on the need.