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NAZARETH – On Friday, April 7, 2017, the Bible Contest for adults, of the Annunciation Latin Family Club in Nazareth, reached the conclusion of the first phase with the fourth round, under the sponsorship of H.E. George Bacouni, archbishop of the Melkite Church in Galilee, and of H.E. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Latin patriarchal Vicar for Israel.

The adults involved in this round were: Ghasan Arram and Neame Arram, from the Latin Church of Reneh; Afaf Christensen and Amira Saleh, from the Orthodox Church of Nazareth, who won the round. Meanwhile the second duo was composed of Suha Abu-Nassar with Fouad Abu-Nassar from the Latin Church of Nazareth, and of Habib Karam, from the Latin Church, with Farah Grayyeb, from the Orthodox Church of Nazareth, who were selected.

The two members of the jury, who prepared the questions and evaluated the replies, were Sr. Maysa Issaq, from the Franciscan Sisters, and Dr. Shadi Abu Khadra. Mr. Fehmi Farah was the professional presenter of the evening. In harmony with the atmosphere of the close Holy Week, Louaï Sruji, expressed himself in two famous songs: “Al-yaum Ulliqa ala Khashabah”, from the traditional oriental liturgy, and “Allahomma istame’ liaqwali’’, from the famous Wadi’ al-Safi. Samih Totri, Mikhail Odeh and Anan Awwad accompanied him with the instruments. The technicians of the computer, which play a big role in the mechanism of the competition, were Bassam Shahtout and Louae Zaher.

So now, the selected winners of who will participate in the final round are the following duos: 1) Rula Haj – Suzan Matar (Ibellin);

2) Charly and Souad Qattân (Beit Jala);

3) Issa Khamis – Boulos Farraj (Reneh) ;

4) Soheil Farran – Bernadette Haddad (Nazareth);

5) Samir Khoury – Hanna Nasser (Nazareth);

6) Dahoud Ateek – Sami Mahli (Nazareth);

7) Afaf Christinsen – Amira Saleh (Nazareth);

8) Habib Karam – Farah Ghrayeb (Nazareth).

The geographical, confessional and professional distribution of the winners was essentially respected and satisfactory with regard to the reality of the different Churches in the Country.

The Christian Community of Nazareth and surroundings is very excited by of this biblical contest. Even some personalities were surprised by this social religious phenomenon, like the well-known judge Raeq Jarjoura who is, in the same time, President of the Arab Orthodox Congress in the Israel.

The final rounds of the Biblical Contest will be held after the Easter Week.

Our correspondent in Nazareth

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