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The Twelve Apostles Parish - Al Zarqa North

Name: The Twelve Apostles

Geo-historical context: Zarqa, first established as a military base, was an important training area for the army. With the arrival of the military, many people came from the north of the country in search of employment and to start businesses. With the signing of the Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994 and the ending of Military National Service at the same time, the importance of these bases diminished. A large new Government University has been built on the outskirts of the city. Over the years there has been immigration by refugees from other Arab countries into this mainly middle to low-income area.

Latin Patriarchate: The parish was established in 1956, with a small Kindergarten. In 1963, a new church was built and the Kindergarten moved to a new building across the street. The present school buildings were enlarged by building three floors and further extensions were added between 1962 and 1970. With the construction of the new school, the original Kindergarten rooms became a room for parish meetings with two adjacent offices, and the first floor provided accommodation for priests. The present school building has twenty-three classrooms with a library and science laboratory, a computer laboratory and a room for music. Across the narrow street from the school entrance, is an excellent medical center, run by nuns, who provide for the many medical needs of the community. They also have a workshop for sewing, embroidery and the making of liturgical vestments, which are sold in their small shop.


Population: 1,000,000

Christians: 20,000

Latin Christians: 8,000

LPJ School Students: 708

LPJ Kindergarten Students: 113


Parish priest: Fr. Iyad Bader

Assistant Vicar: Fr. Giovanni Falorni


P.O.B. 337 13110 Zarqa North Tel: (05) 393 09 10 Fax: (05) 396 60 80 Mobile: 079 512 21 45 (Fr. Iyad) Email: [email protected]