Jabal Al-Hashimi Parish - Our Lady of Carmel Church

Jabal Al-Hashimi Parish - Our Lady of Carmel Church
Contact information:

Parish priest: Fr. Farah Bader

Hashmi Shamali
P.O.B. 11155
11123  Amman

Tel: (06) 491 85 48; Fax: (06) 490 44 95
Mobile: 079 913 53 23
Email: [email protected]

Al-Hashimi Parish is situated in a densely populated area in the east of Amman not far from downtown. The area is mostly older residential with shops and a few businesses. The economy is fairly low with some unemployment and so it is a relatively poor area.

Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

The parish was established in 1950 and the school funded thereafter, with 57 students and two teachers. The school continued to expand over the years with the increase in the number of Christian children in the area. In 1962, the Patriarchate built a school and a residence for the Rosary Sisters. The kindergarten became a separate school with its own principal in 1974, and a south wing was added to the main building in 1977. A new kindergarten building was built a short distance from the main school in 1982. Four years later, the new Hashimi school was built with 21 classrooms, a staff room, library and a center for the scouts and youth.


Population: 20,000

Christians: 4,000

Latin Christians: 2,800