Rameh Parish - Saint Anthony Church

Geo-Historical Context:

Rameh is an Arab town in the North District of Israel. It is located east of Nahef and Karmiel. 51% of its residents are Christian, 29% Druze and 20% Muslim.

The Latin Patriarchate:

Rameh Parish was first established in 1913 by Fr. Zephyren Biever from Luxemburg. A Rosary Sisters’ school was also established in the same year. In 1927, a small chapel and a residence for the parish priest and the sisters were built. The current church was established in 1959 by Patriarch Alberto Gori. Several priests have served in the parish throughout the years.


Population: 8,150

Christians: 650

Latin Christians: 484

LPJ School: Students 614

LPJ Kindergarten: Students 94


Saint Anthony Church
Parish Administrator: Fr. Akhtam Hejazeen
P.O.B. 11 3005501
Tel. & Fax: (04) 988 45 07
E-mail: [email protected]