Paphos Parish - Saint Paul’s Catholic

Paphos Parish - Saint Paul’s Catholic
Contact information:

Parish priest: Rev. Fr. Ismael Esteban Quequesana Vilchez, IVE

P.O. B 61120 
8131 Kato-Paphos

Telephone: +357 26 931 308
Fax: +357 26 953 459
Email: [email protected]

Paphos is a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus and the capital of Paphos District. The people of Cyprus are broadly divided into two main ethnic communities: Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, sharing many cultural traits but maintaining distinct identities based on ethnicity, religion, language, and close ties with their respective motherlands. Before the start of the 1964 dispute, the people of Cyprus (then 77% Greek Cypriots, 18% Turkish Cypriots, 5% other nationalities, including Armenians and Maronites) were dispersed over the entire island.


Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

The parish covers the Paphos region in the west coast of Cyprus including the towns of Paphos, Polis and Pissouri, where regular Masses are celebrated. The Parish is a lively Catholic community of people from all walks of life and many countries. The parish office and the Hospice Shop – which also serves as a coffee shop – are close to the church, making a focal point for meeting tourists, parishioners and local people. The Sisters of St Bruno and Bethlehem have a small convent at Mesa Chorio. At the same location there is a cemetery with the chapel of Saint Cosmos and Saint Damian.



Population: 38,343

Christians: 37,000

Latin Christians: 1,700