Zababdeh Parish - Our Lady of the Visitation Church

Zababdeh Parish - Our Lady of the Visitation Church
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Zababdeh is a Palestinian village one and one-half hours north of Jerusalem in the northern region of the West Bank. The village is located in the poor, under-developed, often overlooked Northern Region of Occupied Palestine. Zababdeh is a “Christian” village; 75% of its resident population, or 1,875 people, are Christians. People of Zababdeh are often forced to leave home to pursue better life opportunities elsewhere.

Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem built Zababdeh Latin School in 1883. Since then, thousands of Christians and a growing number of Muslim children have enrolled, and continue to enroll in Pre-School, kindergarten, Elementary and Primary (up to grade nine) levels. The School is the largest and direct employer resource for the townspeople, offering the highest standard of education in the region. The Latin School provides the strongest base for community area relations: Boy and Girl Scout meetings, civil discussions on the ad-hoc judiciary, Parent-Teacher sessions. From its inception, thousands of graduates have entered into the wider Palestinian society. Over the years Zababdeh School has been renovated and new construction added to keep pace with growth and demands.


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