Youth Ministry in Israel

Being a Hebrew speaking Catholic youth in the Israeli society is a joy but also a challenge. Young age is an important period in life, a time in which we live experiences that shape for long our physical, intellectual, relational and spiritual features. In the Saint James Vicariate, much of our time and energy is invested in the pastoral work with children and youth.

Our youth activities are multiple: 

- After-school activities, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for the children who received the Sacrament of Confirmation, generally at the age of 12 or 13.

- Youth groups for those aged 14-16, named “Desert Flower”. They have monthly meetings where they receive a human and Catholic formation and enjoy building friendships. Some of them receive leadership training that prepares them to become guides for the smaller children.

- Youth group for those aged 17-25, named also “Desert Flower”. They have 5 – 6 meetings in a year, where they reflect together on their faith and raise several issues linked to their identity as adult Catholics. This group is a platform that gives them the space to discuss and reflect on their role within their communities and in Israeli society.

Five times a year we organize camps, according to age groups. Often, during the summer, we organize activities that put our youth in contact with Christian youth groups from other countries, which allows them to strengthen their own Christian identity and feel part of the universal Church.